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Nearly one out of every four commercial truck drivers says they received inadequate training when they started work.

That’s per a recent survey conducted by Stay Metrics, a company that provides training tools to the trucking industry.  The private research (“First Impression Survey,”), made available last December, purports that 24% of big rig drivers feel their orientation training was lacking.

Some of this orientation deals with company-specific policies.  But a large portion of the inadequate truck driver training has to do with federal rules and regulations ...

As many as 400,000 patients are harmed because of surgical errors every year.  And those mistakes made during surgery are preventable, according to a report issued last year.

“Analysis of Human Performance Deficiencies Associated with Surgical Adverse Events,” published July 31, 2019 by JAMA Network Open, an online portal to numerous medical journals, examined surgical errors made at three hospitals. The researchers reviewed the records of 5,352 operations.

Surgical Adverse Events That Harm Patients

They identified 188 adverse events – something gone wrong that can ...

As the number of people killed in commercial truck accidents continues to climb, some in the trucking industry continue to decry measures aimed at preventing fatal tractor-trailer crashes.

Safety measures have taken hold for passenger vehicles, both in terms of onboard technology features and drivers acting more cautiously.  The results are evident; U.S. fatal motor vehicle crashes have steadily fallen in recent years.

The same is not true for the nation’s commercial trucking sector.  In the last 10 years are so, deadly big rig accidents have trended upward.

Despite all of this ...

According to research released last month, as many as one out of every four patients suffer from a medical error every year.

The Foundation for the Development of Innovative Health Safety, a Boston-based, international nonprofit organization focused on improving medical care, published in January a white paper on medical errors that harm patients in this country and around the world. It examined treatment in hospitals as well as outpatient medical centers to evaluate the physical and economic toll medical errors take on patients and their families.

1 Out of 4 Patients Harmed by ...


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