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Medical errors are estimated to be the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only heart disease and cancer.  According to a new study, many serious medical mistakes are made as early as in the notes taken by physicians.

The study (“Frequency and Types of Patient-Reported Errors in Electronic Health Record Ambulatory Care Notes”), published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that 20% of patients who reviewed their doctors’ notes following an ambulatory care visit uncovered an error in those records.  Ambulatory care ...

St. Louis has more distracted drivers than just about anywhere in the United States.  In fact, only two metropolitan areas are home to more than the Gateway to the West.

Distracted driving remains a major cause of fatal car crashes.  In its most recent report on distracted driving (Distracted Driving 2018), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in  April stated that 2,841 people died in distracted-affected crashes.

In another study, conducted in January, an automobile insurance internet portal called The Zebra provides a further look at distracted drivers. The company ...

Mistakes made in administrating medications are often serious, especially when those mistakes are made with expectant mothers. A study published earlier this year highlights how common drug errors are among this group of patients.

Types of Serious Medication Errors

Serious medication errors involve one or more of these issues:

·         Wrong medication

·         Wrong dosage

·         Wrong patient

·         Wrong administration route

·         Wrong time

A survey released in February focused on medication orders given to the wrong patient.  All patients in the study (“46: Wrong Patient Orders in Obstetrics: An ...

Of the countless events either cancelled or postponed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one is the 2020 International Roadcheck conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.  It is an annual three-day set of random roadside inspections of commercial trucks.  This year’s event was to be held in May but was postponed indefinitely.

Law enforcement and safety officials would have pulled over thousands of tractor-trailers and conducted thorough inspections of their rigs to uncover unsafe and dangerous commercial trucks.

Judging by last year’s results, let alone all ...


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