Railroad Crossing Accidents

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Because Railroad Crossing Injuries Are Often Catastrophic

According to statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration, Illinois and Missouri are among the most dangerous states in the nation in terms of railroad crossing accidents, placing in the top five states for the highest number of crossing fatalities in 2011.

When a dangerous railroad crossing causes an accident, fast action by an experienced team of personal injury attorneys and investigators can make a critical difference in discovering all the causes of the accident and obtaining just financial recovery for the victims and their families.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Accidents that occur at highway-rail grade crossings make up the majority of all train-related deaths each year – an estimated amount of 300 to 400 fatalities annually. Someone should be held responsible, including those who maintain the tracks, the crossing signals, or the roadways leading up to the tracks.

At Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis, our lawyers obtain compensation for people who have been injured in railroad crossing accidents. Crossing accidents can result from numerous potential causes.

  • Defective crossing signals — including no gates or lights and excessive foliage — can make an oncoming train hard to see. It is important to document the accident scene before it is cleaned up by the railroad company. In this case, it’s up to the railroad company to ensure that the warning devices are posted in plain sight and in good working order. For more information on what types of warnings that should be a railroad stops, read our blog “Railroads Responsible for Grade Crossing Signals and Signage.”
  • In rural areas, a train’s failure to sound its horn can cause an accident, especially when there is no gate. Many railroad crossings have only lights or crossbucks. Sight lines may make the crossing or the train difficult to see. In some cases, private crossings are maintained by property owners rather than the railroad.

A motorist may not be able to avoid a train accident if those responsible for maintaining the area fails to do so. Any railroad crossing accident must be investigated thoroughly to conclude why it occurred and who is responsible.

If a loved one was injured or killed by a train, talk to an experienced GRG lawyer to make sure the evidence is preserved so that the crossing accident can be carefully investigated.

An immediate investigation can protect your personal injury rights

GRG lawyers have represented individuals who have been injured in railroad crossing accidents for over 60 years. Our investigators can get to the scene quickly. Contact us for a consultation. We represent clients in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, and the surrounding region.

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