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Meet our Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Since 1946, Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis has built a reputation for effective representation of individuals and businesses harmed by others. Attorney Don Downing, former chief deputy attorney general for Missouri, leads our commercial litigation, class action, and mass torts practice.

In every case we take, our commercial litigation attorneys in St. Louis utilize teamwork, extensive experience, and the confidence that comes from legal knowledge and thorough preparation. When you are our client, you are the most important part of our team. And, unlike most firms that handle commercial litigation, we often are willing to offer our services on a contingent fee basis. That means that if there is no recovery, you pay no attorney fees. GRG attorneys Don Downing, Gretchen Garrison, Kaitlin Bridges, Jack Downing, Joan Lockwood, and Morry Cole are all experienced and willing to help you with any commercial litigation cases you may have.

Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys Have The Experience You Need 

Experience is particularly important with large, complex cases. For example, cases involving commercial disputes can involve millions of documents, numerous motions, extensive negotiations, and trials that sometimes last several weeks or months. When our trial lawyers commit to a case, we bring together all the resources necessary for effective advocacy for our clients.

Cases We Handle:

Accounting and Financial Malpractice

Bad advice from financial professionals can lead to serious consequences. Our attorneys are experienced in handling matters involving deviations from professional standards of care.


Farming and agri-business entail numerous operations and relationships with suppliers, seed companies, manufacturers, government agencies, and more. Our attorneys have deep experience with issues involving farming and farm operations. We have handled cases involving loan deficiency payments, herbicide drift, defective seed, market disruptions, defective products, and other areas affecting the livelihood of those in the business of farming. We are here to help with your legal needs.

Learn more on our agricultural litigation page.

Business Disputes

Business disputes come in all forms, internal and external. Our business law attorneys have wide experience handling all manner of commercial disputes and are ready to advise on available courses of action.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are a backbone of business dealings and when breached, or threatened to be breached, can cause major disruption and loss. We routinely deal with contracts of all kinds and are experienced in the numerous issues surrounding contract formation, performance, breach, reformation, good faith and fair dealing, negotiation, and amendment.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Shareholder Disputes

Our business law attorneys have a wealth of experience handling complex claims involving shareholder disputes, as well as fiduciaries such as officers, directors, agents, and brokers. We do everything we can to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome in these cases.

Learn more on our breach of fiduciary duty page.

Commercial Insurance

Individuals, businesses and government agencies carry insurance to help when things go wrong. But often times, commercial insurance carriers wrongfully deny coverage and refuse to pay claims. The lawyers at Gray Ritter Graham have handled countless insurance disputes, often with millions of dollars at stake. If your insurance company is in the wrong, let us help.


Fraud can occur before or during transactions of all kinds and includes both affirmative misrepresentations and omissions. Someone might make a misrepresentation that induces execution of a contract or that convinces the recipient to take some other action to his or her detriment. The misrepresentation might involve services, products, or property. We have decades of experience with business fraud and stand ready to assist.

Tortious Interference

Tortious interference can be with a contractual or business relationship, whether existing or prospective. Claims of tortious interference often are combined with other wrongful conduct and need careful review to determine the existence and strength of all the elements for legal response. Our team has the expertise to advise and represent you.

Qui Tam/Whistleblower Claims

Qui tam or whistleblower laws are designed to protect employees who witness and report their employers engaging in illegal activity. Those who have simply done the right thing should not be subject to repercussions. At Gray Ritter Graham, we stand up for whistleblowers and protect their rights. We can help if your employer has engaged in retaliation, such as a demotion or even termination.

Learn more on our qui tam/whistleblower claims page.

Contact our Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Obtaining justice can cost time and money and our commercial litigation attorneys are willing to make that investment for cases that have merit and can make a difference for our clients.

Contact Gray Ritter Graham as soon as possible to review the facts and begin our investigation of your business dispute. We represent clients in Missouri, Illinois, and nationwide.

“In this Court's view, the work performed by plaintiffs' counsel was consistently excellent, as evidenced at least in part by plaintiffs' significant victories with respect to dispositive motion practice, class certification, and trial.”   In re Syngenta AG MIR 162 Corn Litig., 357 F. Supp. 3d 1094, 1113 (D. Kan. 2018)

- Hon. John W. Lungstrum

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