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Those who suffer a traumatic brain injury often face severe and chronic healthcare challenges.  Included in these now, found in a recent study, is the chance to experience serious cognitive issues at a much more rapid pace than those without a TBI.

Traumatic brain injuries can have many causes, including:

·         Blow to the head in a car accident

·         Major worksite accident due to safety equipment failure

·         Assaulted by another person

Causes of Serious Brain Injuries

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, TBIs are caused by external forces to the head. Non-traumatic brain ...

A nationwide effort to find and uncover dangerous trucks and dangerously fatigued commercial truckers will be held next month.  The results of past efforts are alarming.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is a nonprofit consortium of safety experts and law enforcement officials all concerned with one thing – preventing catastrophic truck crashes. It pursues this goal with education and special events.  One annual event – International Roadcheck – is set for May 4-6.

CVSA will conduct random, roadside big rig inspections throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada ...

Misdiagnosis is a common medical error.  There are several types of medical misdiagnoses:

·         A wrong diagnosis

·         A delayed diagnosis

·         A missed diagnosis

Serious Consequences of Medical Diagnostic Mistakes

Unfortunately, medical misdiagnoses occur all too frequently, with potentially devastating consequences.  According to the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce misdiagnoses and the resulting patient harm, diagnostic errors in this country:

·         Are responsible for 40,000-80,000 patient deaths per year

·         Are at the ...

The need to curb distracted drivers and drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol is so dire the federal government has just put them on a nationwide “most wanted” poster of sorts.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigates catastrophic aviation accidents and other modes of transportation, such as highway driving.  Based on the outcomes of these investigations, the federal agency makes recommendations for avoiding other serious accidents in the future.

Earlier this month the agency released its “Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements for ...

Most surgical errors are so potentially serious to patients they are classified as “never events” – preventable medical mistakes that should never occur.  A study published late last year, however, documents how often serious surgical mistakes are made.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is a federal watchdog agency that seeks to improve the nation’s healthcare system and patient safety.  It lists a category of surgical never events, which include:

·         Surgery on the wrong body part

·         Performing surgery on the wrong patient

·         Performing the wrong surgical ...

According to the federal government, in 2019 - the most recent year with finalized data - more than 5,000 people died in crashes with large commercial trucks. It recently identified the most common truck driver actions that caused those deadly wrecks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees this country’s commercial motor vehicle industry.  This includes large trucks, such as 18-wheelers. The FMCSA‘s goal is to prevent catastrophic truck crashes through:

·         Education

·         Regulation

·         Enforcing its safety mandates.

Earlier this month the agency conducted its ...


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