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Medical Malpractice Cases

Confidential settlement for the husband and daughter of Olympic Gold Medalist, Florence Griffith Joyner, (Flo-Jo) in a wrongful death action against a hospital, neurologist, and radiologist for their failure to diagnose and treat a brain lesion.

Confidential settlement of case where young woman became severely brain damaged after a routine abdominal surgery. Case involved failure to detect and treat internal bleeding after the procedure which lead to cardiac arrest and brain injury.

Jury verdict of $5.2 million in case which involved allegations of medical negligence during delivery which resulted in brain damage to the child. Affirmed on appeal; this case represented the highest malpractice jury award rendered at the time in Southeast Missouri.

Confidential settlement for young working man who was paralyzed after an operation on his back. There were allegations against the surgeon and anesthesiologist over the lack of monitoring.

**Confidential settlement on second day of trial with radiologist who performed a procedure which resulted in a 48-year-old St. Louis man becoming a paraplegic.

Confidential settlement against hospital and physicians for delay in treating a neck injury which resulted in hypoxia and severe brain damage.

**$2 million settlement for a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy after a compromised birth. The child is also blind and deaf and has an uncertain life expectancy. The settlement will guarantee his future care.

Confidential settlement for wife of physician who was severely brain damaged during a routine abdominal procedure when CO2 was placed into the liver rather than the abdominal cavity.

Confidential settlement for family of woman whose who died as a result of the failure of a commercial laboratory to diagnose cervical cancer.

**$1.2 Million settlement for husband whose 49-yr-old wife died following a D&C procedure.

Confidential settlement in negligence case involving failure to properly respond to rapid respirations of newborn. The hypoxic insult led to significant brain injury.

Confidential settlement for injuries sustained when a central line catheter was placed into an artery instead of a vein. There was interruption of blood flow to leg along with repeated inadvertent administration of a concentrated medication into the catheter that caused the smaller vessels in the lower leg to become damaged and ultimately to require amputation above the knee.

Confidential settlement. A young mother was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the alleged poisoning death of her infant son with antifreeze. After the conviction, GRG agreed to represent the mother and her husband. The conviction was overturned and the mother released from prison. A wrongful death claim was then successfully pursued against a hospital, physicians, and commercial laboratory by proving the baby was never poisoned. Instead, evidence established cumulative failures to make a proper diagnosis of an inborn metabolic disease known as Methylmalonic acidemia that, if treated properly, could have saved the baby's life. This case was ultimately the subject of many medical articles, documentaries, and a made-for-television movie, "Without a Kiss Goodbye."

Robert Ritter talked with MSNBC about the Patty Stallings case for their program When Forensics Fail: Krone & Stallings. Click here to review the television program.

Confidential settlement with physicians and a hospital for profound neurological injuries to a 12-year-old boy due to an anesthesia error during surgery for a routine outpatient hernia repair. This case has received national attention.

Confidential settlement with physicians and hospital for the medical and nursing mismanagement of congenital heart disease in a 2-year-old child which resulted in devastating neurological damage.

Confidential settlement for severe injuries to a man following negligent gall bladder surgery and mismanagement of his care after surgery.

Confidential settlement in a case involving use of an incorrectly sized balloon catheter during angioplasty which caused a valve to tear in the heart of a 5-month-old child.

Confidential settlement with pediatrician for the wrongful death of a 4-year-old due to failure to diagnose bacterial endocarditis.

Confidential settlement with physicians and a hospital for devastating brain injuries suffered by a child during labor and delivery.

Confidential settlement with hospital for death of 68-year-old man with a surviving wife and eight children following trauma to his neck and spinal cord during a surgical procedure.

Confidential settlement for the wrongful death of a 6-year-old child following a physician's failure to timely diagnose Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Confidential settlement with physicians and the hospital for devastating birth-related injuries.

Confidential settlement for severe damage to child resulting from failure to properly deliver and treat the fetus following cardiac arrest of the mother.

Confidential settlement on medical negligence claim by husband and 4-year-old daughter for the death of their 32-year-old wife/mother following complications resulting from gastric bypass surgery.

Confidential settlement for wrongful death of 74 year old woman following removal of a sheath used to guide an angioplasty catheter, all of which resulted in a bleed which was not timely treated and resulted in death.

Confidential settlement in case where the delay in diagnosis of spinal epidural abscess lead to paralysis and eventual death.

Confidential settlement for family in case in which stomach cancer was not timely diagnosed and treated.

**$450,000 verdict for mother in wrongful death suit over infant's apnea.

Confidential settlement of case in which a 3-yr old child was admitted to hospital for treatment of chicken pox and suffered third-degree, full-thickness burns to the back of his left hand from IV infiltration due to improper placement of the IV.

Confidential settlement of case in which a newborn died due to a neck injury sustained during breech delivery.

Confidential settlement of case in which ER personnel failed to evaluate and medicate a heart attack resulting in death of the patient.

Confidential settlement of case in which the client received excessive morphine through an analgesia pump and went into respiratory failure and coma and had to be resuscitated. He has a residual loss of memory and lack of concentration.

Confidential settlement for post operative complications, including sepsis and ileus after laparoscopic bowel surgery.

**Settlement with Wal-Mart in a case involving a misfilled prescription - wrong drug, wrong dose. Unique agreement to cover possible future damages to child.

Confidential settlement for family in case where the Decedent fell at a nursing home and suffered fractured hip. The orthopedist at the hospital operated on the wrong hip. The healthy leg which was operated upon developed gangrene. The woman died shortly thereafter.

Confidential settlement in case in which a premature infant died during birth. Prior to an autopsy, the facility lost the baby.

Jury award for failure to treat open abscess in nursing home which resulted in the loss of a leg.

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