Statistics Show Fatal Consequences of Trucking Accidents in Missouri

Located in the center of the nation, Missouri's highways are key transportation routes for large commercial trucks that transport goods from one side of the country to the other, and points in between. Given their weight and the weight and make-up of their cargo, trucking accidents are a major concern for Missouri.

A look at some recent statistics regarding trucking accidents in Missouri reveals just how perilous commercial vehicles can be. According to a report by the Missouri Highway SafetyPatrol, titled "2010 Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium" (the most recent such report):

  • One person was killed or injured in a commercial motor vehicle related crash every 2.1 hours in the state of Missouri in 2010
  • One person was killed or injured in crashes involving hazardous materials every 10.4 days in the state of Missouri in 2010
  • While commercial trucks were involved in 9 percent of all crashes in Missouri in 2010, they accounted for almost 13 percent of all accident-related deaths in the state

Types of Missouri Trucking Accidents

Some of the most common types of trucking and commercial vehicle accidents are:

  • Jackknife - the driver of a tractor trailer brakes quickly and the trailer swings out in a right-angle with the tractor; both tractor and trailer barrel down the road out of control.
  • Blind spots - the truck driver fails to see other motor vehicles due to blind spots in the side mirrors. The length and width of the commercial trailer cause large blind spots for truck drivers. They should always take this into consideration.
  • Unsafe braking distances - large over-the-road trucks traveling at highways speeds need a great deal of time and distance to safely stop. Inattentive truck drivers may not allow for adequate braking space.
  • Tire blowouts - if a tire blows, a truck driver can easily lose control of the vehicle. Re-treaded truck tires, or tires that have not been adequately checked and maintained, are especially at risk for blowout.

The consequences of a trucking or commercial vehicle accident can be catastrophic, as the Missouri Highway Safety Patrol's recent statistics illustrate. So caution when sharing the road with these large vehicles is urged, as the negligent acts of others can't be foreseen.


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