Apple iPad: An Essential Tool for Attorneys

Our firm is one of the many that has added the Apple iPad to its lawyers' set of
tools. The iPad has invaded litigation to become a common sight in client interviews, meetings, depositions, motion hearings, and trials.

Like many litigators with state and nationwide practices, lawyers spend quite a bit of time away from the office. Attorneys may travel to other states for expert witness depositions or even hundreds of miles within the state for witness depositions or court appearances.

The iPad is particularly useful in trial. Once court starts, there is not much room to move around. The judge is seated at the bench, the witness at the stand, counsel at their tables, and the jurors in the box. Everyone remains confined to their seats, until the next break comes along. Often this takes its toll on jurors. One way to keep the jurors "interested" is to inject technology and interactivity into the courtroom with use of the iPad.

Effective trial attorneys recognize the need to make their presentations interactive. Interactive exhibits help keep jurors focused on the case. An interactive presentation can be achieved by something as simple as having an expert write numbers on a large pad of paper, to putting a document on a document camera (an ELMO screen), to something as complicated as implementing the latest in high-tech gear. The iPad makes use of technology in the courtroom easy and affordable.

The iPad, used in conjunction with AppleTV, has been increasingly used in the courtroom. The iPad and AppleTV connect wirelessly through software when they are on the same Wi-Fi network. In court this typically means using a mobile hotspot device of some sort to create the network. The AppleTV connects via cable that runs to the projector and monitors.

Once the iPad and AppleTV connect there are a number of trial presentation apps available. From jury selection apps to medical illustration apps, there is an app for nearly every step of the trial.

In this day and age, jurors are readily accepting of an attorney with an iPad. Images or video can be sent wirelessly from the iPad to the presentation screen. Video depositions can be played back through this technology. The iPad is fast becoming an essential courtroom tool.


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