Bad Brakes on Commercial Trucks

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Apparently, one out of 10 large commercial trucks on the road has dangerously bad breaks, and in general two out of every 10 have some sort of serious violation of safety standards.

2017 Brake Safety Day was held on September 7, conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.  The CVSA is a coalition of motor vehicle safety experts and law enforcement officials in the United States and Canada.

CVSA inspectors on that day conducted random roadside inspections of tractor-trailers and commercial motorcoaches.  The nearly 7,700 inspections were held in 31 U.S. states as well as in a number of Canadian provinces and territories.

Types of Brake Violations on Trucks and Buses

Inspectors focused on out-of-adjustment brakes and brake-system violations.  Specifically, they looked for dangerous brake factors such as worn linings, damaged drums or rotors, and hydraulic fluid or air leaks.

According to CVSA reporting, inspectors found 14 percent of all commercial vehicles with bad brakes.  The brakes were so dangerous these trucks and buses received out-of-service violations, pulling the rigs off the road until the repairs were made.

Drilling down, inspectors were specifically concerned with the anti-lock braking systems that are mandatory for must large commercial trucks.  Such systems are designed to help big rigs stop faster and help prevent skidding and jackknifing.

Problems with ABS on Commercial Vehicles

Inspectors examined almost 6,300 rigs with ABS and found 10 percent with ABS violations. Most trailers pulled by large trucks today are required to have ABS.  Inspectors found 14 percent of the trailers had ABS problems.  And 5 percent of the commercial buses with ABS had ABS violations.

The inspectors reviewed for all sorts of mechanical problems and gave out-of-service violations to 22 percent of all the commercial vehicles for some type of serious maintenance issue.  Some trucks, then, had bad brakes and other needed repairs.

While driver error is the chief cause of fatal trucking accidents, maintenance issues that contribute to deadly crashes cannot be ignored.  The CVSA reports that brake problems are the most common out-of-service violation it finds during all roadside inspections.

Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for the proper maintenance of their commercial rigs.  It’s not hard to comprehend the dangers of faulty brakes when loaded tractor-trailers weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.

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Authored by Gray Ritter Graham, posted in Blog November 20,2107


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