Swimming Pools - A Place of Fun But Often a Place of Injury

Summertime brings the warm weather that allows both public and private swimming pools to be opened for fun and excitement. Unfortunately, pools often present the risk of serious injury and even death.

We know that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental-related deaths among children under the age of 15. Almost 7,000 young people a year are brought to the hospital because of diving related injuries, which frequently result in severe neurological disability. Eight of ten diving accidents occur in swimming pools that have no warning signs about the depth or dangers of diving.

Not surprisingly, statistics show that boys are more likely to drown than girls, a sign of their adventurous spirit. Statistics tell us that children below the age of 5 are much more likely to drown than other age groups, and account for eight out of ten residential pool drownings.

Even though pool design and construction methods have improved over the years we still see that avoidable dangers can develop. Steps, ladders, slides and diving boards can be a cause of a serious accident. It normally takes an engineering or biomechanical expert to determine whether the manufacture, design or pool maintenance created an unsafe condition that caused or contributed to cause a death or an accident.

Gray Ritter Graham has been involved in pool and swimming accident lawsuits and has the expertise and resources to determine if such tragedies are simply unfortunate accidents or the result of some design, maintenance or other swimming pool defect including the absence of proper warnings.


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