Will More Truck Inspections Reduce Fatal Truck Accidents?

overloaded truck.jpgAn annual nationwide truck inspection event was held June 2 - 4. While the results won't be known for some time, given past outcomes of the previous events and nationwide data on fatal truck accidents, we know there is a real need for safer semis.

"Roadcheck 2015" is the 28th such event conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, a cooperative of North American safety officials. For 72 hours, 10,000 certified inspectors in the United States, Canada and Mexico conduct roadside inspections of tractor trailers and commercial buses.

Improper Cargo Loading Factor in Serious Truck Accidents 

The inspections include some 37 individual procedures. Organizers say this year's inspectors placed a special emphasis on cargo safety. One major cause of trucking accidents in the United States is improperly loaded cargo.

CVSA estimates that its annual inspection event has prevented 5,840 trucking accident injuries and saved 318 lives from fatal commercial motor vehicle accidents.

Serious Truck Safety Violations

A snapshot of last year's results illustrates the importance of the event and responsible trucking:

• Almost 5 percent of all inspections found driver violations so severe they were classified "Out of Service" and forced off the road

• Almost 4 percent of commercial bus drivers were placed "Out of Service"

• Almost 20 percent of all truck inspections resulted in "Out of Service" violations

• 16 percent of big rigs carrying hazardous cargo were found guilty of "Out of Service" violations

According to media reports, Illinois in 2014 upped its number of roadside truck inspections by 60 percent over the previous year, in response to a high number of Illinois catastrophic truck crashes. One particular area of emphasis was around St. Louis.

But increased inspections can't prevent all negligent behavior by truck drivers and trucking companies. When they cause serious accidents, they should be held accountable. If you were severely injured or had a family member killed in a crash caused by a truck, an attorney who handles truck accident investigations can review your legal options.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertising.


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