Holding tired truck drivers liable after a catastrophic accident

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When large commercial trucks crash into other vehicles, the consequences of those crashes are often catastrophic. Frequently, the drivers of semi-trucks do not suffer injuries when they crash because the size and weight of their trucks spare them from harm.

However, when truck drivers and fleet owners are at fault in serious accidents, it is more often the motorists hit by the trucks who tend to pay the price in terms of catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers often crash because they have failed to respect the Hours of Service regulations that govern their operations. These regulations were created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with the goal of ensuring that truck drivers remain both rested and alert while behind the wheel. Yet many truckers fail to adhere to these requirements in order to log more time on the road. Sometimes drivers break these rules of their own accord, but oftentimes their supervisors urge them to do so in order to boost productivity.

Tired truck drivers are more likely to cause accidents than well-rested ones. Recent research indicates that drivers who are drowsy are as dangerous as drivers who are intoxicated. Just as accident victims justifiably hold drunk drivers accountable for their irresponsible actions, truck accident victims may also justifiably hold fatigued truck drivers accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause.

Holding negligent truckers liable

Holding truck drivers and trucking companies liable for the harm they cause

in serious accidents is a complex affair. As a result, it may significantly benefit accident victims to consult with attorneys who are experienced in dealing specifically with catastrophic truck accident cases. These attorneys will be able to advise victims on how to hold careless truck drivers, negligent truck driving companies, and any necessary third parties liable for the harm they cause in a serious accident.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertising.


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