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Defective & Dangerous Wood Cutting

Any heavy duty product capable of cutting, splitting or chipping wood in household or industrial use can be presumed to be dangerous. Operators are typically careful to make sure they’re avoiding not only the obvious hazards of severe cuts, eye injury or amputation, but also such risks as fire or poisonous fumes.

St. Louis Defective Saw & Wood Cutting Accident Attorneys

Nevertheless, several manufacturers of wood cutting and splitting equipment have been involved in product safety recalls in recent years. In those cases, the professional or casual operator has no opportunity to protect against risks that are only discovered after purchasing these products.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an accident caused by a defective wood cutting machine, from chainsaws to firewood processors, wood chippers or log splitters, discuss your situation with an experienced Missouri product liability attorney. Contact Gray Ritter Graham, in St. Louis for a free consultation.

Established in 1946, the GRG firm is known throughout the state and around the country for its commitment to excellence in the investigation and pursuit of complex product liability claims. We work closely with industrial, design and human-factor experts to identify the ways that oversights or corner-cutting in the design and manufacturing process have compromised the safety of an end user.

Our lawyers pursue defective wood cutter injury claims throughout Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Illinois on behalf of homeowners, farmers, parks and highway employees, industrial workers, and anyone else injured while cutting or splitting wood in the course of a job or while maintaining his or her own land.

To learn more about our record of success in negligence litigation against manufacturers of power saws, chainsaws and wood-splitting machines, contact Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis.

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