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Many people are injured by defective guns and gun accidents each hunting season. Poorly designed rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders can fail explosively. Cheap imported guns sometimes explode due to poor testing and quality control. Improperly designed guns can discharge even with the safety engaged. Gun barrels made from cheap metal alloys can fail catastrophically. Hunters or target shooters can carelessly discharge their weapons. When a defective gun fails or a careless hunter shoots irresponsibly the results can be devastating.

Dangerous Products Litigation

At Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis, our product liability lawyers have handled cases involving a wide range of dangerous products, including firearms. In product liability cases, the causes of injury are often defective design, defective manufacturing or a failure to warn.

We have successfully handled cases involving wrongful death, defective gun design, defective gun manufacture, recalled guns, metallurgical defects, barrel failures, defective gun safety devices, faulty firing pins, defective deer stands, and careless hunters. In pursuing these cases we work with gun safety experts, sophisticated metallurgical engineers, and world-wide experts on ballistics and weapon design.

Safety begins with careful design and manufacturing.

Consumers have the right to expect the products they buy and use to be safe – especially products such as firearms. If you or a family member has suffered the effects of an exploding gun or a careless hunter, feel comfortable discussing your case with the attorneys at GRG. We are experienced in answering your questions, obtaining and preserving evidence, testing failure mechanisms, and identifying the defects that cause failures.

Our law firm represents clients in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and throughout the region.

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