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Jet Ski and WaveRunner Accidents

Personal watercraft such as Jet Skis and WaveRunners are popular on lakes and rivers. These and other recreational products can be dangerous when the design is defective, the manufacturer made errors, or when there is not an appropriate warning on the product.

Recreational Products Lawyers

The product liability attorneys at Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis have the experience and resources to hold manufacturers accountable when they fail to make and sell safe products.

  • Balance is important on a personal watercraft. The machine itself should be well balanced so that it responds properly to the operator. A design defect or manufacturing mistake that creates an uneven distribution of weight could cause a serious accident.
  • ATVs and dirt bikes need to be built for the way they are to be used. Riders should be warned if the recreational products are not suitable for specific uses. The failure to warn is a product liability issue.
  • Recreational products should be designed and built with safety in mind. When there is a safety failure that causes serious injury, the manufacturer should pay for the injury and assure that no other vehicles have the same flaw.

Malfunctions should not be blamed on the user.

If an accident is the result of faulty design or manufacture, the manufacturer may try to blame the user. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we know how to investigate accidents and identify product liability issues.

If you or someone in your family was injured in a recreational vehicle accident, contact us as soon as possible so that we can preserve the evidence and begin our investigation. We represent injured people in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and across the region.

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