Military Aircraft Crashes

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Military Plane Crash, Helicopter Crash, and Equipment Failure

Under the Feres doctrine, military personnel cannot sue the government for injuries incurred as the result of their military service. But in a military aircraft accident, when the injuries or wrongful deaths are caused by other parties outside of the military, the victims and their families may have a personal injury claim.

Military Air Accident Attorneys

Military personnel put their lives at risk, but the risk shouldn’t include faulty manufacturing or mistakes by parties outside the military. At Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis, our personal injury attorneys investigate military aircraft accidents for the families of the victims.

We investigate to find the causes of military aircraft accidents.

Investigating an aircraft accident is challenging and requires extensive knowledge of aeronautics. GRG lawyers understand the challenges, the technology, and the law. Contact us for a consultation. We represent clients in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and throughout the U.S.

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